Resident Evil 6 announcement trailer launched

There have been a few rumors considering Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 and how it may re-invent the series as a whole. Read on to find out what Capcom actually announced with this first trailer.

Capcom has announced Resident Evil 6 and given it a November 20 worldwide release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – a PC version will follow at a later date. The game is set 10 years after the Raccoon city outbreak and features series favourites Leon S Kennedy and Chris Redfield. The pair must use their previous experience to fight off a zombie outbreak that has spread across the world.

As well as announcing that the game would release in the busiest period of the year, Capcom released a debut trailer that included numerous cinematic and gameplay sequences. Leon is seen fighting the zombies in a small town after the President is infected, while Chris is in a Chinese city dealing with similar problems, but on a larger scale.

Capcom has promised to reveal more info in the coming months, including new characters and details on the game’s co-op play. For now, however – look below to the trailer.


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