Microsoft post record sales for Entertainment and Devices division

The holidays have really helped Microsoft in their Entertainment and Devices division,  posted record quarter two. Read on to find how much and where the money was made.

Sales of $4.2 billion were announced by Microsoft for the 2nd financial quarter. Over the second quarter, which included the holiday season, sales were up 15 per cent over the same period in 2010, but profits were actually down 28 per cent to $530 million. Which, by my account, is still a serious amount of money.

Much of the sales were thanks to a massive 8.2 million shipped Xbox 360 consoles, up from the 6.3 million units shipped in Q2 2010. Revenue from Xbox grew by nine per cent to $322m. However, it was other areas where Microsoft where lacking in the entertainment division, which also includes the Windows Phone and Skype.

As Microsoft has previously reported, life to date sales for Xbox 360 stand at 66 million units, with 18 million Kinect units.

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