New Nintendo 3DS colours for seperate sale.

New 3DS colours are coming to our shelves. Well, sort of. Nintendo are releasing two coloured models to buy seperately for the first time. Read on to see what colours, prices and My thoughts!

Nintendo has announced that the Coral Pink and Ice White Nintendo 3DS consoles will be available to buy as individual units from February the 10th in the UK.

Previously these two coloured units had only been available to buy in a bundle with either Nintendogs + Cats or Super Mario 3D land. The pink handheld coming with Nintendogs and the White with Mario.

Now this has changed, the two colours are available to pre-order from GAME priced £139.99.

Personally, I don’t think this is a massive change, however we may see a rise in sales of 3DS’ just because a, technically, new SKU has been released. We have seen plenty of times before, where small variations in such things as colour has increased sales buy a large margin.


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