Surprise success for Nintendo’s 3DS?

It has been quite obvious that there was quite a backlash from the 3DS, various complaints were heard regarding such things as battery life. However, the console still sold well, with over 15million units sold. Read on to see what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said on the matter.

Despite the growth of mobile gaming, there remains a strong market for traditional handhelds, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said. And it seems he is right!

“Last summer, when the sales pace of the Nintendo 3DS was slow, there were extreme remarks saying, ‘With the penetration of smartphones, will there still be a market for handheld hardware?’ which was almost equal to ‘Handheld hardware is not necessary anymore'” he told investors.

“I believe we proved that such opinions are incorrect.”

The 3DS was quite an expensive console in it’s launch, with a sales slump, Iwata had been forced to cut the price of the 3DS in order to pull the system out of its spiralling decent, Nintendo has been making a loss on each system sold, but this won’t be the case for much longer.

“In the first half of the next fiscal term (starting April), we are now anticipating to get out of the situation that we sell the hardware below cost,” confirmed Iwata.

Could this possibly lead to more, and better, game support for the system and maybe even a price cut? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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