PEGI age rating system to launch July 30th

Finally the age rating system for games will be legally enforceable, with penalties given to shops for selling rated games to under-age customers similar to those given for selling Alcohol or Cigarettes to minors. Read on to what’s actually changing.

Currently games are rated by PEGI, but those containing mature content must also go through the BBFC. From July 30th this year, the BBFC will be cut out and PEGI will become the only board rating games in the UK.

This not only means that the PEGI age rating system is legally enforceable, but it also makes it a little easier for parents and children to see that ratings in one simple manor. UKIE hope this will also clamp down on young children playing 18 rated games.

Jo Twist CEO of UKIE says “We Welcome the news from the government that July 30th is now looking the likely date for the implementation of PEGI as the single age rating system for video games in the UK.

“To prepare for the transition to the new system, we’ve already held PEGI briefing sessions to make sure that the industry is clear about what these changes will mean for them.

“We very much believe that the sole adaptation of PEGI will provide clear and consistent direction on age ratings for parents and will be a vital tool in helping them understand the types of games that their children should be playing.”

However, UKIE still thinks that the launch is still “subject to Parliamentary scrutiny and therefore open to possible small delays.”

This can only be good for the industry, putting it on par with DVD’s and even Alcohol. Heck, it will even keep Jack Thompson,  anti-video-game activist (particularly against violence and sex in video games), quiet; and I think we all want that.


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