Super Slim PS3 leaked by Portuguese tech site

So it seems that there has been a leak for a Super slim PS3. While it’s good to see technology advancing, do we really need another slim PS3?

The heavily rumoured slim version of the slim PlayStation 3 has been outed by Portuguese website Technoblog.

As the pictures below show, the redesigned PS3 console appears to have a ridged surface on the top. Also, according to a letter from Sony, there seems to be three size models available: 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB.

Rumours point to a super slim PS3 reveal at Gamescom next month.

Do we really need a PS3 Super Slim? Probably not if you already have a PS3, however we can almost grantee that if it does launch it will be at a more affordable price – but at a cost? Sony seem to be going for casual players with a 16Gb version, possibly resembling the old 4Gb Xbox 360. What else this comes with is a mystery.

One thing we know for sure is it’s effeminately not a looker!

But for now, here are some of the pictures that we have seen:


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