Petition to get female footballers into FIFA

I’m not really a huge fan of football, I play the odd game of FIFA ’08 when I feel like it, but I do think we need to get female football players into the limelight. Getting them into FIFA would be one step in the right direction. So, do your bit and sign the petition!

I don’t play football that often, I most definitely don’t buy Fifa every year. I don’t really think the “new tackle dynamics” and “better ball control” really makes a difference. It seems more like marketing talk than actual improvements to the game.

I think what I’m trying to say (before I get myself into trouble with EA and their lawyers) is that there are no BIG changes to the game, nothing that makes me compelled to go and spend money each year.

However, I would buy the next FIFA game that had female leagues and tournaments. It just seems like a big enough update to justify a purchase.

If you agree with me, and the 4000 other people (at time of writing) then go and sign this petition. Get your brother to sign it. Your friends to sign it. Your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and Youtube to subscribers to sign it. Heck, go out with your iPad and ask people to sign it if you want!

Sign the petition here. What are you waiting for? Go!


3 thoughts on “Petition to get female footballers into FIFA

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