3rd Batch of GTAV Screenshots

That sticks the total up to 10 this week. There will be more along “in a few weeks or so” say Rockstar. Read on to see the 4 new screens.

Speaking on the Rockstar Newswire following the batch of today’s ‘Business’ screenshots, Rockstar said:

“Hope you enjoyed this week’s 10 screenshot special from Grand Theft Auto V. We will be back with some more see in a few weeks or so.”

Rockstar has published three sets of screenshots this week: the first set on Monday, detailing transport; the second set Wednesday, detailing leasure and this final set today revealing the buisness side of things.

While a release date for Grand Theft Auto V is still to be confirmed by Rockstar, you can at least rest assured they haven’t forgotten about us and will keep dishing out screenshots!

For now:


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