DICE quadruples the amount of official Battlefield 3 servers

Dice have had a lot of frustrated feedback from consumers over the effective ‘selling off’ of all their official servers. Making it hard to play Battlefield 3 in the way it was designed to be played. DICE have listened and quadrupled the amount of official servers. Read on to find out more.

“We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers,” read a statement on the official Battlefield 3 blog. “As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“Note that you will still be able to get quick matched into any ranked server [Including privately owned servers]. For the best results if you want an official DICE server, please refer to the manual server browser and enter ‘DICE’ as a search term. If you go to the Server information screen, all official DICE servers will have the owner set to ‘DICE’.

“Remember that you can favourite servers that you like so you can easily find them again on your next session.”

So, DICE are listening to our needs, somewhat more than can be said about Activision. DICE are opening up the servers prior to the September release of Armoured Kill, the third piece of DLC for Battlefield 3.

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