Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Free Update.


If any of you have seen me playing anything on Steam recently, then you’ve more than likely seen me pop up as playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

It has a new update, and I’m excited!

More excited than a little girl getting a unicorn. It’s a big update, 1.38Gb, but it’s worth it!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets 13 new maps, Duel Mode, Capture the Flag, 5 new weapons and a whole lot more in this huge content update that released today. Best of all, it is completely free!

Less of my jibber-jabber, however, here is the full change log:

13 new maps
– Citadel
– Frigid
– Argon’s Wall
– And 10 new duel arenas
5 New Weapons
– Sling
– Quarterstaff
– Polehammer
– Flail
– Heavy Flail
2 New Game Modes
– Duel Mode (For intense 1v1 Action)
– Capture the Flag
Alternate Swings
– Can now do left to right swings!
Improved Server Browser
Blood Decals now paint to the ground when you hit an enemy
Can now adjust how long Corpses stay on the battlefield
Much Stronger Hack and Cheat Protection
Music Jukebox in options menu for listening to full Chivalry soundtrack ingame
Greatly Improved Spectator mode
Balance adjustments
Bug fixes
General Polish

As you can see, the game is changing quite a bit, much for the better. The brilliant Indie studio, Torn Banner, have shown up many mainstream developers with this huge update!


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