PS4 Event on February 20th?


It has been put out today that the PS4 will have an event that will show it off on the 20th of this month. Read on to see more!

Sony looks to be getting in ahead of Microsoft again, showing off the first of the true next gen consoles in a little more than three weeks time!

Sony teased a special PlayStation event on February 20 where it invited fans to “See The Future”, and releasing a mysterious video featuring the PlayStation buttons.

The event, which is being hosted in New York City, will be live-streamed via Sony’s PlayStation Blog at 11pm GMT on February 20.

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida tweeted “!?” in response to the tease

Rumours have long-suggested that both Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to unveil their next-generation consoles within the next few months. Sony are either playing along or really winding up the market: great for marketing!

The playstation 4 is rumoured to be featuring AMD hardware which could cause problems with backwards comparability. Maybe we’ll find out on the 20th?


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