Battlefild 4 to be released on October 8th?

The 17minutes of gameplay revealed earlier today has some secrets in it. One of those may well be the date it is to be launched.


Is it time to release yet? This rather suspicious moment at around the 16 minute mark leaves you guessing. Why  would the soldier be wearing a ‘Battlefield’ branded watch? I’m going to assume that DICE haven’t gone into manufacture accessories  and are actually telling us something here.

10:08pm. What’s so important about that then? Is it just a time, or perhaps a date? Using the American date system 10/08/2013 would mean October the 8th. Coincidently, this is the same period that Battlefield 3 was released back in 2011, getting out ahead of the years Call Of Duty. Of course, DICE may or may not be doing the same this year, but with the leaking of BF4’s release to be in ‘Autumn 2013’, then this seems like it’s most certainly possible!

DICE are well known for their Easter eggs, Dinosaurs have made several appearances in Battlefield 3, although DICE have ruled out a possibility for any inclusion of Dinosaurs in BF4.

DICE have been contacted for their view, however we expect that they shall reply with a standard ‘no comment’.


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