Xbox One Launch window and price confirmed!

Earlier on today during Microsoft E3 conference a price and launch window for the Xbox One was reviled. With a £109 price difference between the UK and America, is it too much for you?

ImageXbox One will launch in the UK this November for £429, Microsoft has announced; while the console will cost $499 in North America.

Each Xbox One system will include a 500GB hard drive, a built-in Blu-ray player and built-in wi-fi, plus Kinect, an Xbox One wireless controller and a 14-day free trial of Xbox LIVE Gold.

A “limited edition commemorative bundle” will also be available to early adopters, which features exclusive packaging, a limited edition version of the wireless controller, and a “unique commemorative Day One Achievement”. Surely that’s enough to swing you over?

As usual it seams that the UK get the short end of the stick, $499 roughly translates to £320. A whole £109 difference. Yes, ONE HUNDRED AND NINE of our shiny British coinage.


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