Titanfall community manager agrees with Xbox One U-turns

Respawn’s community manager has, today, come out in support of the various U-turns made by Microsoft regarding the Xbox one. Read on to see Her views. Xbox-One-635“I’m glad that they made a lot of the changes that they did” Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe said, believing that Microsoft has been “smart” for altering its policies and listening to feedback.

when asked about why Respawn have decided to take Titenfall to only the 360, Xbox one and PC, Heppe insisted Microsoft has “always been a really good partner,” continuing, “I think it’s been a good choice [to back Xbox One] in many, many ways.

“I mean, we hear it and it’s like, I’m sorry guys, I can’t tell you anything. [Xbox] is where we’re going to be. I think that they have made a lot of decisions in the past… even just weeks. And we’re excited to hear about those things every time they happen and I think that they’re being smart about it and they’re listening to consumers, and I hope that they keep listening.”


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