4 Months Of Supply Shortage for PS4

img_dual_shockSources close to Sony have announced that there could be shortages of “up to 4 months after launch” for the next generation system.

The sources went on to say that due to the high demand shown by the massive volume of pre-orders of the console, stock may not be freely available in the UK until March 2014.

The Sony source told MCV that “the PlayStation UK team is in crucial talks to secure more PS4 consoles, after admitting it had underestimated how popular it would be.

“The current number of units expected in the UK is unlikely to satisfy demand. The machine could be in short supply for up to four months after launch”.

Sony notified retailers to stop taking day one pre-orders for PlayStation 4 back in August, warning that any pre-orders placed after August 5 may not be satisfied for launch on November 29.

However, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara said that additional launch stock may become available after final allocations had been worked out.

The console has won many customers over for its impressive specs and lower price than Xbox One, coming in £80 cheaper than Microsoft’s next-gen console.

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on November 29 for £349.

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