GTAV Crashes Old Xbox 360’s?

gta5_19Grand Theft Auto 5 is crashing older model Xbox 360 consoles, reports on popular GTA website GTA Forums have indicated. Read on to find a possible fix and what Rockstar are doing to combat the issue.

Many users are said to have been  pestered with consistent crashing of their Xbox 360 system when attempting to play GTAV despite reinstalling the game, Some going as far to change hard disc drives from the original 20GB model to a newer 250GB unit.

The problematic consoles appear to have been manufactured between 2006 and 2008.

A Rockstar support rep told one affected gamer that the studio is in the process of gathering data to determine if the issue is something which can be resolved with a patch.

In the meantime, Xbox Live Support has suggested the following, although this too has mixed results:

1. Delete all GTAV game data.
2. Clear system cache three times.
3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items.
4. Unplug console for three minutes.
5. Install disc 1.
6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.
7. Restart.
8. Install disc 2.
9. Play.

Earlier today it was reported that Rockstar was looking into a fix for GTA 5’s disappearing vehicles glitch.


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