PS3 Finally Sells More In US

sony-playstation-3The PS3 was the best-selling home video game console in the US for the month of September, ending the Xbox 360’s 32-month streak.

It was a also a positive month for Nintendo, with Wii U sales up 200 per cent over the August period, Nintendo has revealed. The 3DS was the best-selling video game system in the US for the fifth consecutive month.

No firm sales figures for any of the platforms have been released, but we know that the Xbox 360 has sold 1.6 million units this year, indicating September unit sales of around 170,000 units.

Software sales were dominated by GTA 5, recording the highest opening for a GTA title, the biggest September sales, and representing over 50 per cent of total dollars spent for the month.

Microsoft also said that GTA 5 helped Xbox 360 achieve its biggest software sales, with sales reaching $401.2 million – the most for any console in the US.

Total industry sales rose 27 per cent to $1.079 billion.


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