DCS Mini-Series: DCS A10-C

85364_DCS-A-10C-03An Aircraft that is built around a 4200 round per second 30mm Gatling gun is always one to be feared. Then add a multitude of rockets, bombs, and missiles and wonder if this is really a tool of war, or some preposterous design used purely for the entertainment of armchair pilots. It’s both. Thanks to Eagle Dynamics’ Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C simulation. While the mere thought of flying the A-10C should get simulation experts mouth’s watering, this is a game that is currently blowing ALL other ground attack simulators out of the ground.

The DCS series has come to be known for it’s high fidelity simulations that were first apparent on the Ka-50 Blackshark. It’s no different in the A-10C, almost every switch is flippable, every dial works and the aircraft entirely distractable. The aircraft works in a way that is almost identical to the real thing.

There is, however, a downside to the depth of the simulation: it can get very, very complex  and has a huge learning curve. It’s essential that you have a HOTAS joystick for this game, or at least be comfortable with remembering a lot of keyboard short-cuts and aircraft procedures. All of this while trying to fly with a painstakingly crafted flight model, again echoing the real aircraft’s performance traits.

If you’d rather not have to worry so much about flying, shooting and avoiding being shot at in a highly realistic scenario, then there is always a ‘game’ mode option to turn down the realism and place you firmly back in your comfort zone.

Not all of what I mentioned is exclusive to single player, either. You can join up with up to 32 friends and work with or against each other in a multitude of missions created in a fully functional map editor. Thanks to the DCS world system, you dont even have to be flying in the same aircraft. Su-25T’s, UH-1 Huey’s, P-51’s among others, can fill the skies together.

One of the only downsides about the simulator comes with the map, however. The ground isn’t of the highest visual prowess, and the location isn’t prime for some of the action in a P-51D. However, it is certainly functional, a sandbox that can be recognised as more or less anywhere in Europe. The rest of the graphics, however, are superb –

If you’re a Sim nut and are looking for something with action, a learning curve and brilliant realism, then here is where you need to stop. Along with the other titles in the DCS series (of which there are many), the A-10C is one of those titles that anyone professing to be a Simulator fanatic needs to own; it’s quite easily the benchmark for this generation of flight simulators.

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