Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 Announced!

I personally thought it would have been a bit earlier than this, but we’ve finally got there, next gen GTA5 is coming, this autumn! Exciting news for all you PS4 owners out there that have been holding off on purchasing until this very news graced your ears, however what does it mean for the rest of the non-PS4 owning gamers?

Well, There was no ‘exclusivity’ announced, so it is entirely possible that the game could come to both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 systems at the same time, maybe even venturing onto PC too. However, we’ll have to wait for Rockstar to confirm or deny what systems it will be launching on and when!

As a bonus, if you already own the game on the 360 or PS3, it seems Sony is allowing you to transfer your save data to the PS4 and to continue right from where you left off in the online world!

For now, we have this in game recorded GTA 5 video to swoon over. Did I mention it was recorded on the PS4?


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