Elite: Dangerous players to finally be given a free Steam key

Anyone who buys or has bought Elite: Dangerous direct from Frontier’s Elite Dangerous store will be given a free Steam key as of May 28, Frontier has announced via the game’s forums.

Kickstarter backers will also be eligible for the free key.

“We always appreciate it when you buy direct from our store because it means we can put more into supporting and developing Elite: Dangerous, but we know a number of long-time players and backers like to play through Steam and we think it’s fair everyone has that option, not just new players,” explained community manager Edward Lewis.

“Elite: Dangerous runs on Frontier’s servers, so we’ve been working with Valve to give you a way to seamlessly connect your Steam and existing Frontier accounts in a way that’s easy. It’s coming soon. From May 28 you’ll be able to generate a Steam key from your account page, and we’ll have full instructions right here on the forums closer to the time.

“The team really has been working hard on this one, and we’re all super happy to finally have an answer for you.”

Editors Thoughts:

It took a little while and a lot of complaints, but it’s nice to see that the developers are listening and starting to treat new players equally to the early ┬ábackers of the game.


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