New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL price cut!

Both Amazon and Tesco have cut the price of the New Nintendo 3DS to £119 and the New Nintendo 3DS XL to £139, offering up to £40 off the handhelds’ usual selling price.

The discount comes ahead of next month’s E3 where Nintendo is expected to discuss more on its plans for Wii U and 3DS prior to next year’s reveal of the Nintendo NX.

The New Nintendo 3DS typically sells for around £149.99 with the XL coming in slightly higher at £179.99. Both units launched in the UK in February.

To grab the console at the reduced price at Tesco you’ll need to apply the following two codes at checkout:

New Nintendo 3DS: TDX-HGMR

New Nintendo 3DS XL: TDX-KNWT

The latter code can also be used to grab a PS4 with a copy of The Witcher 3 for £279.


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