Offworld Industries gear up for Squad Kickstarter.

Offworld Industries, the developers behind Squad, are gearing up for their Kickstarter push. The mags are being loaded, and barrels cleaned ready for operations to begin on May 26th! 

DHAxD0VSquad is a tactical shooter with the emphasis on teamwork, large scale battles involving both light and heavy ground assets, air assets and even free-form base building.

The Kickstarter was announced today on their website.

“The Squad development team is excited to announce that within the next 7 days we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign!” Read the announcement.
“This will be your opportunity to become a Founding Member of Squad and have an impact on the success of this project. We have been very overwhelmed to date by the level of excitement and passion people have shown for the project and we hope everyone is ready to take this next giant step with us. It is going to take a lot of energy and we are relying on you guys to help us through this campaign.”
To accompany the announcement, a run down of the tiers expected to be available during the kickstarter campaign was also made available (Click to enlarge):
 If you want to help out you can be kept up to date exactly when the kickstarter goes live here, and join their website to discuss matters on their forum, here!
Editor’s Thoughts:
I personally can’t wait for the game, having played it already it looks to be shaping up really well. Judging by the Response to the recent Steam Greenlight push, it shouldn’t have a hard time getting backed. You have a week to search behind the sofa for the extra $30 you mislaid, so no excuses!

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